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Sophia's Story

​sophi loves to be outside, ​

Rhabdo can't keep me from stopping to smell the flowers...

​there was never a moment that she wanted to be inside. She loved ballet, roller-skating and played softball. She would often come inside and immediately beg to go right back out. Nothing could keep

​her down. The cancer seemed to come out of nowhere.

Sophi was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in July 2016. After staging she began treatment on July 18th 2016 which has included surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. ​

​Sophia continues with her cancer therapy with an army of support around her. ​


Her family has set up a Facebook page #FIGHTWITHSOPHI against Rhabdomyosarcoma where they share her story and provide updates. In addition they have had several fundraisers posted on the Facebook website.

Whoop Whoop fundraiser,


Please join with them in supporting this young kiddo in her daily fight and please keep Sophi and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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