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Abby, 1997 – 2016

Abby was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma a week before her 16th birthday. Prior to her diagnosis Abby was slightly reserved and many people were concerned at how she would handle the grueling treatment schedule that comes with Stage 4 Rhabdo. Abby’s way was to deal with each day as it came. She was always saying to me ‘don’t talk to me about tomorrow mum. Tell me what I have to do today!’ This worked well for Abby and along with her faith, helped her to become a strong and confident young woman.

Abby loved school from the moment she started. During treatment she worked extremely hard from hospital and home to keep with her schooling. She was an avid reader and was a school librarian for most of her school life. She was also a keen musician who started learning piano when she was 5 and flute when she was 7. She loved animals, crafting, completing puzzles and playing strategic board games. She had a competitive streak which helped her immensely during her treatment.

Abby was treated at a children’s hospital due to her being under 16 when she was diagnosed. She loved all the children she met at hospital and was loved in return for her comforting smile and her quiet reassuring manner. She was often told by the children’s parents that she made hospital a less scary place for their child and she was extremely proud of this.

Abby dreamed of becoming a teacher, a dream that was never realized however she taught us many things – how to be strong, how to fight, to have faith and most of all how to make the most out of life. We miss her dearly but she is always with us and we will carry her in our hearts forever.

Don’t let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world.

(Abbys favourite saying)

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